Searching Facebook for friends, even dates is a great idea, not to check-up on the status of the ex! Going out to buy a whole new wardrobe after your romance breaks-up is a good way to feel better about yourself, even loosing those twenty pounds you’ve been wanting to shed, but only because you want to look spiffy for the ex to see you and feel jealous probably doesn’t speak so well to you being in the mindset tom move on! And if you are locked in the house most weekend with a gallon of Rocky Road and your vacation videos of you and the exes litany of trips, you’re probably not ready for real adult dating just yet!

There is the temptation to stay close to what you knew, even if that means around an ex who no longer even wants you around. But you can’t get on with any meaningful adult dating, even a good old fashioned random fuck the more you pine for that past guy or girl. It sucks being hurt or being the one who hurt another, but unless you are ready to let go of the ex you are not moving forward anywhere with someone new.

To get on with getting on you must stop all contact between you and your ex guy or girl. You have to make sure you have no chance for chance meetings. You have to extricate their hold in your home and life, that means chucking pictures or at the very least hiding them away. You might have to even ignore friends you shared if those friends still see your ex and might have a chance to give you updates, whether you ask for them or not. This is adult dating you want to facilitate but sometimes you have to be like a child and manage an all-or-nothing strategy to get your mental health back and your dating chops up to snuff.

Breaking-up certainly stinks, but if you even want a chance at adult dating again you need to get over the hump and past the ex.