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SwingerProfiles Review


SwingerProfiles is an adult dating website that caters to people in relationships that like to swing (that is, go outside the marriage for casual sex), or people who enjoy getting together with married or committed couples for commitment free fun. Since I am not married, I fall squarely into the latter category, and was chomping at the bit when I saw that this was the next internet dating site I was reviewing.



I’ve had more than my fair share of threesomes in my day, both the MMF and MFF variety, and I was ready, willing and more than able to get cracking on meeting and hooking up with couples, or women involved in serious relationships.


Before I get into the review, I’d like to say that in my opinion, more couples would be much happier if they opened up their relationships to swinging. You always have your partner waiting for you at home with a stable, loving relationship, but you get to have all sorts of new, casual sex with hot people. I’ve always found that the problem with monogamous relationships (when I was stupid enough to get trapped in one) was that no matter how much I cared about or loved the other person, the sex would ultimately get boring and routine. Even super hot, talented sex pots would eventually have no more surprises for me in the boudoir, and vice versa. But opening up your relationship to swinging takes that problem out of the equation all together. Your sex life is revitalized, you still have your relationship, and everyone’s happy! OK, that’s my two cents worth. Now let’s get on with the review!


First Impressions


The site is a really high quality sex dating portal filled with some top of the line design. From the front page, which has two sexy virtual models taking your through, step by step, your free initial profile, to each subsequent page, there are gorgeous, half-naked pictures of people to titillate as you go.


I filled out my profile in about fifteen minutes, and it was pretty thorough. It wasn’t like a lot of sex dating sites where the only match making criterion they’ve got is whether the person is the sex you’re looking for, and do they live in your area. This one was far more concise, narrowing down just what sort of experiences I was looking for, and what kind of women and couples I was looking to meet. Obviously I was interested in meeting women that wanted to go outside their relationship for sex, but I was also keen to get together with couples, both of the lesbian and heterosexual variety. I specified that in any MMF threesome, there would be no hanky panky between the dudes, and we’d both be there to satisfy the lucky lady.


Once I was finished my profile, I started searching through the women and couples their match making system suggested for me. Their algorithm was right on the money. I started emailing the people and couples I was interested in, and noticed that my inbox had some return emails almost immediately. To view the replies I had to upgrade my free profile to one of the paid memberships the site offered. I had budgeted fifty bucks for the site, which was how much most quality sites charge, but was happy to see it was well below that price. Here’s how the two paid memberships break down:




Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


With the Silver Membership you get:

  1. unlimited use of their email feature
  2. unlimited use of their search feature
  3. instant access to their 3-Month Have Sex or Your Money Back Guarantee

With the Gold Membership you get:

  1. all Silver Member Features
  2. unlimited access to the site’s webcam chat feature
  3. unlimited access to the site’s group forums and discussion boards
  4. unlimited access to the site’s XXX theatre (1000s of free adult movies)
  5. unlimited access to the site’s Members’ videos (1000s of sexy movies uploaded and starring members themselves)

I went with the Gold membership because it was only a little more than the Silver membership, and I got all that extra stuff over the month. It still came in less than the fifty bucks I expected to have to pay. Score!






This site not only met but exceeded all my expectations. I only had to spend about a half hour each day on the site, and basically had as many sex dates as I wanted. There are so many couples out there that have discovered the joys of opening up their relationship to swinging that it’s basically a free for all out there. I had 17 sex dates over the month, which consisted of hooking up with 20 women, 4 MMF couples, and 1 MFF couple. Obviously hooking up with two women for a threesome was the highlight, but some of the MMF threesomes were truly outstanding, as were some of the one on one dates with women.




The best thing about having sex with these women who are otherwise in committed relationships is that they’re so pent up and ready to experience anything new with someone other than their partner that it always makes for insane nights of incredible sex. They’ve got pent up (some times for years) sexual energy to give, and I was the one getting it! It was amazing each and every time.




The only problem I had with this site is that there weren’t enough days in the month to get even more action out of it. Honestly, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I ended up meeting so many hot women and couples. Some have become go-to booty calls. Some have become good friends. All of them were amazing casual sex partners!


Bottom Line


If you’re in a relationship and the sex has grown routine and boring, or if you’re a single person looking for casual sex like you’ve always imagined, or if you’re an experienced swinger, this site kicks ass. Highly recommended to anyone with a libido!