So you’ve used the online dating site to plan a get together with a new woman.  But you don’t want to just bring her back to your place for sex in the bedroom.  You want to take her somewhere outrageous to blow her mind.

Here are some ideas for places to have hot sex.

Going Through a Car Wash

This one is obviously time sensitive, since you’ve only got about four or five minutes to get it done.  The trick here would be to get revved up, so to speak, before you go to the carwash, so that the climax will come quickly for both of you.  Recline the passenger seat back, and go to town.  Added bonus: if you make a “mess” when you finish, get them to wetvac the inside of the car as well.  Worth the extra dollar, and the look on the car wash guy’s face.

Closet at Party

Take your date to a friend’s party.  When the party is really humming, quietly slip upstairs and find a bedroom closet.  Standing doggy-style is a good position in a closet, and the sounds of all your friends downstairs unaware of the sex will make it even hotter.  Try not to get any on their clothes.


Another time sensitive one.  The best elevators would be in really tall buildings.  I recommend the C.N. Tower.  For this one, I think oral would be best, that way if the elevator stops to let someone on, it’s a simple matter to zip up, or pull her dress down.

Snowy Field

This might sound uncomfortable, but trust me – done right, it’s amazing.  You find an abandoned field (like a baseball diamond, etc) in the winter.  Walk to the middle of it when it’s good and dark out with two nice thick blankets.  Lay one down, and then put the other one on top of you.  Watch the stars and your breath as the cold nips at your nips.  Hot and cold!