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NaughtyMeetings Review


In this NaughtyMeetings review, I got a chance to try out a brand new sex dating site that’s not only reasonably priced and already stocked full with thousands of members, but also has some of the best online features I have ever seen in an adult dating website.


I won’t spoil the surprise quite yet, since I do like to think people read my entire review, but suffice to say, it involves hot, local women that aren’t very shy about what they upload onto the interwebs. I should also point out that the month that I reviewed this site I also played host to my younger brother who was on his spring break and decided to come visit me in the big city rather than go to Florida or somewhere in the tropics. As a result, I also decided during this month-long evaluation to get him at least some of the action he was missing out on by spending his break with me rather than the tens of thousands of young horny women at the resorts across the world. To protect his identity, I will be calling him Bob.

naughty-meetings-picsFirst Impressions


The thing that struck me when I went online and to NaughtyMeetings’ front page was a beautiful blonde virtual tour guide that was a joy to watch and listen to as she escorted me through the initial profile creation. This initial profile creation was totally free, which was nice because it meant I got to have a thorough look around without committing any hard earned dough. I put aside fifty bucks for any membership costs I might incur, but wouldn’t end up needing nearly that much (as you’ll find out when I get to the costs).

My brother Bob was there beside me, and since we both look pretty similar, I decided to make the information in my profile more of an amalgamation of both of our personalities. This was so that we could set him up on sex dates using the profile as well. We used a picture of me when I was a little older than he is now, so any woman on a date would either think he looked younger than the pic, or I looked a little older.


We started looking around through the local women the site suggested for us, and there were a lot! He obviously liked the look of the younger, college aged women on the site, whereas I loved them. Just kidding – I was open minded enough to know that any woman can be the right woman when it comes to a one night stand through a sex dating site, so my search parameters extended well into the MILF demographic.



We started sending out emails to the ones we found particularly sexy, and before we were finished putting out the feelers, started getting responses. The site limited the emails to only sending them out, unless we upgraded to a paid membership. We looked through the prices, and since they were asking for less than my budget for their premium GOLD membership, decided to go with that one. Here’s how the prices break down:



Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


The Silver Membership includes limitless sending and receiving emails, as well as total access to the search feature. It also gives you instant access to the site’s 90-Day Have Sex or Your MOney Back Guarantee.

The Gold Membership gets you everything in the Silver Membership PLUS limitless access to the webcam functionality, the group forums and discussion boards, the XXX movie theatre (with thousands of pornos to watch for free), and the Members’ video Section.

Since it was almost the same price for both memberships, I decided to get the Gold membership because it gave me total access to everything the site had to offer, and it came in under my expected $50.00 allotment I had put aside.




nanughty-meetings-scam-siteOver the month my brother and I used our joint profile, we spent an average of just over an hour each day on the site. Whether that was at home or on our mobile devices, together we sent out about 125 emails each to different women. Over the month, I got responses from 91 of them, and he got responses from 22 over the week he stayed with me. He set up a sex date for each night he spent with me, and on two of the days (his last two) he set up two sex dates. I had 19 sex dates over the month, and following his lead, started doubling up near the end of the month.


The thing that we both loved about the site (besides the tremendous amounts of casual sex we got to have), was the Members videos section on the site. It’s where women and men who are actually members can upload sexy videos of themselves. And when I say sexy, I don’t just mean lingerie shows or strip teases. Some women posted really racy sex videos of themselves masturbating, or with their sex partners. My brother and I used to choose which local women to contact based on this area of the site because it was the best way to choose which ladies were the best looking and the most fun in bed.




I don’t have many gripes with this site, but my brother said that if he had one issue with NaughtyMeetings, it was that there seemed to be a disparity between how many emails he’d send to women, and how many he’d get back. I had to explain to him that in EVERY sex dating site, the women get far more attention and requests for dates than men. It’s just the nature of the beast. He’s still young and thinks everything should be more equal, but I guess he’ll grow out of that eventually.


Bottom Line


NaughtyMeetings was an absolute pleasure to use for sex dating over the month I did this review. My brother also went back to school with a huge smile and plenty of stories for his friends. Good prices and excellent features.




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