Men if you are just looking for a casual affair or a one night stand there is one thing you should remember, the same rules apply to Adult dating as they do for dates that could lead to a committed relationship.

You can’t realistically expect to go into a club and hit on the first girl you see and except a favorable outcome. The possibility of you actually getting to first base after you ask her to fuck you are slim to none, even if she is drunk. Everyone wants a bit of respect, even women that are only interested in you for your sex. So turn on the charm and chat her up, get to know her and her likes and dislikes before you make a proposition like that. Yes, there are a lot of women out there just looking for a roll in the hair and nothing else. But that noncommittal fuck is still going to cost a little face time. Looking for Mr Goodbar made it clear that even though women were in charge of their own orgasm they still had to be safe and take precautions. If a man shows a little respect when talking to a woman that might be a possible sex partner he will get to know her and that will allow her to drop her guard and let some trust in. Of course all women want to believe that the guy is really interested in them as a person, but they know packaging plays a lot in the course of events. So don’t make it too obvious that you like the packaging. A few sincere compliments go a long way but listening and participating in a real conversation will go further.

If you remember to take things easy, no pressure no expectations, at least obviously shown, and you’ll just about guarantee yourself a good time as you explore the possibilities of adult dating. But if a guy acts hastily and stupid then he is more than likely going to get shot down, no second chance.