We can avail ourselves of Skype camming, online profile pictures, the litany of tagged pictures on Facebook; no one need guess what anyone else looks like anymore.

We need never wonder if someone some one else is trying to fix us up with is attractive or our type as we can simply go look them up online. We need never wonder again just what a buddy means when he describes a girl as having a pretty face or a guy is described as rugged.

Describing for adult dating ain’t what it used to be.

Gone the way of prank calling with the advent of caller I.D., the blind date really is a thing of the past. We used to all have to play the game of deciphering adjectives for what they really meant, or at least picking apart what a friend said through the filter of their particular sensibility. Nowadays the net with its various store house of pictures, forums, personals and chat even usurps that good old guessing game on the date we are being set-up with or just considering who we have yet to see.

Specific words like handsome or sexy, describing a woman as built or even such generalizations as describing some one as our type, doesn’t really apply. We get the info sometimes even before we want it, but still we get it! This new paradigm cuts through our ability to be nicely surprised but it does halt us to from being completely disappointed in that info is power in the dating world. In our ever-speedier connections, truncated attention spans and lesser human interactions, maybe what we give up in anticipation we make-up for in seeing, approaching and getting what we want in a world slowly being built ever closer to our own design. The surprises come now in adult dating when getting to know someone if we wish to even do so after seeing their face on their Facebook profile or maybe after we cam with them a few times.