Sex fantasy

A stranger in the home. Normally that would be cause for alarm, but not in the deliciously naughty world of adult sexuality. Yes, there is something titillating, actually, about a strong handsome stranger roaming your home in a casual work outfit with a bunch of tools. Ah, yes, you must have cable issues again. And this time, there was finally a hot cable guy sent to your house. It is quite a spectacular way to score some very easy free sex.

These cable guys usually come by themselves. There is no one there to check up on them or cramp their style. And no one knows how severe your cable problem is, so there is no reason to rush or keep track of every minute they spend on your job. If you look on various free sex websites, you will find many a story about the cable guy coming over and getting more than he bargained for. Both women and gay men find this to be a very erotic scenario. This is because there is so much surprise and uncertainty to it. There is no planning. You do not know who is going to show up at your door, how good looking they are, if they are straight, bi or gay. It is all a crapshoot, without all the scripted stuff that comes so often with everything online.

You may start by offering him a drink. See if he is receptive to being casual with you. Of course, the first thing to do is simply make direct eye contact when he walks through the door. The eyes remain the windows to the soul. Being dressed in something tight and frisky wouldn’t hurt, either. Be savvy and bold about it. Within minutes, you could be having some incredibly hot free sex. No one would ever know but you and him, which makes it even hotter. The ultimate fantasy. By the time he leaves, your box will be as good as new.