Over the past decade or so, it has become rather popular to do all of your shopping online. Some people barely even leave the house for anything anymore, so reliant they are on the internet to achieve all of their needs, from shopping to free sex. But these people are missing out on one of the most titillating sexual scenarios known to man.

Dressing room sexOK, that may be pushing it just a tad, but seriously not by much. And it perfectly kills two of their main internet obsessions with one glorious stone, saving time always being something that is highly sought after these days. Yes, they can go shopping and get some free sex at the exact same time if they play their cards right. Behold, the wondrous invention of store dressing rooms!

Yes, the store dressing rooms have always been a curiously erotic place. There you are, in the middle of a department store, and you are supposed to get undressed behind one of these flimsy doors in a row of them, and many of them do not even have a lock. You never know who is next to you. Sometimes you can even see each other’s feet through the bottom of the partition. It would not take much for some illicit free sex to get going, especially some quick blowjobs through any partition gaps. Most stores have separate areas for each gender, though some are unisex. And there certainly is not much stopping a male-female couple from entering one together, especially if there is no attendant monitoring the rooms at all.

You can go to these rooms alone and hope for the best, go with a partner, or even arrange a tryst online before you set out for the store. Loose rules and situations like this are always open invitations to anyone who is horny and remotely adventurous. Obviously, you need to be very careful not to get caught, but anyone with half a brain knows how to safely score some free sex in public.