Young adult

At this stage of the game, most of us have at least mastered the art of acting like an Adult whether or not we feel like grown ups most of the time. When we use the online personals sites to help us to find people to date, to begin a new romance with, or even to have a hot hookup with, we can feel all different ages and none of them have anything at all to do with our chronological ages.

Some days, when we are feeling lonely and like we will never meet the right person, we can feel sort of old and forgotten about. We feel sorry for ourselves and we go around our homes sighing out loud like we used to hear our grandparents do when we were children. When we are in the throes of a very strong sexual attraction, we sometimes feel like that horny teenager that we were when we were in high school. We simply can not get enough of sex with our partner. Once we have sex with them and just a few hours pass, we just want to do it again. We are distracted with our desire for them, and we catch ourselves mentally wandering off when we are supposed to be doing something productive at our jobs or in our communities.

When we are out on a very first date with someone new, many of us feel like those gawky twelve years old that we were when we were in junior high school. We are worried about what to talk about, what to order for lunch, and just how to behave in general. The feeling is not unlike the one that we experienced at those excruciating junior high dances that we were all forced to endure as a part of growing up. The wonderful thing about all of these numbers is that we get to choose which one we will adopt on any given day.