finding someone to date

Many of us get so used to our preferred, practiced and well worn routines that the idea of doing something totally new and different can sometimes tend to send us into a bit of a tizzy. Despite the preference of many of us for sticking with the old fashioned ways of meeting people, we really do owe it to ourselves to check out all of the amazing Online dating and Internet personals sites that are available to us today. We may find that we will be very pleasantly surprised once we get over our initial reticence to try something that is new to us.

For some reason, we love the comfort and security of keeping things as they are. Many of us leave our homes at the exact same time every morning, go to the exact same coffee shop and order the exact same breakfast, and then begin our exact same daily routine when we arrive at our offices. We seem to feel that if we do the same things in the same way, at the same time and same place that we will have some sort of control over our lives and our worlds. While we of course know that this is just an illusion, it makes us feel safe none the less.

The bad news is that finding someone to date may require us to change our approach just a bit. We can not count on bumping into someone amazing at the bank, the post office, the dry cleaners, or the grocery store. When we take a leap of faith and make good use of the many fantastic dating sites that exist online to help us find friends, lovers, and potential partners, we are increasing our odds by an astronomical margin. If it makes us feel better we can make the same kind of coffee in the same cup before we log on and take some chances.