Picking up women is easy.

You heard me. The ability to pick up women is not a difficult skill to master. Then why do so many men flop so spectacularly when doing it? Because it’s more than just a line, an eyebrow raise, or hand gesture. This is where most men flop when it comes to making a move on women.

Fear not, hapless men, for I am here to help you get the girl you want!

To set the record straight from day one, I am NOT some sort of trained relationship expert.  I am simply basing my teachings off of my own success when it comes to dating women.  I feel that every guy deserves his shot at his dream girl, and if I can help them to get it, then all the better.  I’ve been in the dating pool for about 15 years now, and once I focused on my skills, I have been successful EVERY TIME. Yes, I said EVERY TIME. You can be that way too, trust me!

I have created this blog specifically to share my skills with any man who has ever failed to pick up a girl, whether it be at a bar, restaurant, or even a library. If you read and learn from my experiences and follow my advice, I guarantee you`ll be able to pick up a woman anywhere.

Now, I`m not going to give away all of my tips in this one blog post, or I`d never see you again! But I will tell you this; the MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO WHEN ATTEMPTING TO PICK UP A GIRL IS HAVE CONFIDENCE.  Now, I know having confidence can be pretty difficult, especially after a few too many rejections, and that`s fine. I can help you learn to FAKE the confidence you need initially, and eventually, you`ll have faked it so much you wont even realize its fake anymore. And that`s the key. Pretending you have that confidence until you really do. Women can smell an insecure guy from a mile away, and if they can`t smell it, they can tell you are insecure by a single glance.  Your body language, posture and movement will give you away, regardless of anything you might be able to blurt out before that chick leaves you hanging.

I will teach you about body language, non-verbal communication, confidence, language, and even bedroom skills that are sure-fire ways to ensure she comes back for more. I can also show you how to spot the types of girls that you want to AVOID going after, because they`re just a waste of your time.

And best of all, I`m not some self-help guru who`s going to charge you and arm and a leg to do it, either!