Got a date this Valentine’s Day?


Hoping to close the deal and get some action?

I’ve got some proven methods and tips to help you out, and I personally have tried every single one of them, and NONE HAVE FAILED ME. NONE.

Now, I may be all about the short-term, and the hook ups and the one night stands right now, but I have been in long term relationships as well, and I can say that these tips will work for either or. Whether its the first or fiftieth date, if you try these and you still don’t see any action, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Be the Alpha


You know how there’s always discussion about Alpha and Beta Males? These categories of man will apply here. You need to be the Alpha, and if you aren’t you need to fake it. If you don’t I can guaran-damn-tee she will be going home with someone else. Need some examples? Of course you do: Hank from Californication, Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery as James Bond, Clive Owen in just about anything. You need to be forward, blunt, and determined, as well as nonplussed if she doesn’t give in right away.

Know Your Targets

Realize that if you go to a bar or club, all the women who aren’t already there with a date are either going to be disgustingly desperate or be all about the ‘Chicks Before Dicks’ code. Weed out the desperate ones, they’ll probably be surrounded by the CBD ones. Find an excuse to draw her out of the nest.

Don’t leave it too late in the night to go out and get a girl, or you’ll be surrounded by low-quality goods because all the high quality will be gone. Try to be there for around 11:00 pm, that way you aren’t there too early, but not too late either. Don’t be that guy your roommates or buddies make fun of with the line, “Remember that time you brought home the grenade?”



Mind Your Behavior

Don’t come on strong. You don’t want to seem like that skeezy guy just looking to get in her panties (You DO, but that’s not the point). Engage her in conversation that’s downplaying Valentine’s Day, or better yet, make one reference to it that isn’t depressing or negative about it. Acknowledge that its Valentines Day, and then move on.

Buy her a drink, and offer a non-alcoholic option. This will show her you aren’t simply trying to get her hosed and take advantage of her.


Be Aware of What Others See

Also, make sure you don’t look like you are actively trying to pick her up. If it fails with one chick, there’s always another one.
As long as you hadn’t been obviously lusting after one for an extended amount of time.
Spend no more than a half hour with any one girl at a time, and always make it look like friendly conversation to anyone outside the convo. Use your words to entice the woman! This way,if it doesnt work you won’t have other women turning you down because they saw you putting moves on the blonde across the room.

Goddamnit, be an individual. If you can’t think of some topics of discussion to bring up in advance that aren’t stereotypical getting to know you questions, then stay home. Please. You make the rest of us look bad.

Always Have A Recovery

Prepare for negativity. Have an answer ready when they make an excuse as to why they can’t come home with you. Be persistent to a point, if they make 3 excuses as to why they won’t leave with you, act non-plussed, thank her and move on. Don’t act like she got your goat, because then it will deflate you and other women will sense it when you make a move on them.