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AsianLoverSearch Review

I’ve got a dirty little secret that up until now, only me and my computer web browser history know about. I LOVE Asian women. I think they’re the hottest women on the planet, bar none. They don’t seem to age, and have the most beautiful skin and eyes and bodies of any race around. And to find one that is, shall we say, full figured? Now that’s my all time holy grail of women. So when I saw that AsianLoverSearch was next on my list of sex dating sites to review, I was chomping at the bit to get started.



I’ve had relationships with Asian girlfriends in my past, and they were great, but this opportunity to keep things purely physical, and have as many casual sex experiences as possible in the month, was very exciting. Plus, it would give me the opportunity to try and hook up with two Asian women at once, which has always been a fantasy of mine, ever since I saw ‘Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me’, and watched Austin go nearly insane when presented with that opportunity with a pair of super hot, young, Asian twins dressed in schoolgirl outfits. I knew that twins was a far fetched possibility, but I figured just a regular old threesome might be possible…

First Impressions

I loved AsianLoverSearch as soon as I went to their homepage. The site is super slick and well desinged, so obviously there is some money and talent behind the scenes. There is a sexy Asian that takes you through the initial membership process, and she’s fantastic. The best part about filling in my initial free profile is that each of the pages where I enter in information about myself (like my sexual orientation, what I’m looking for, how many times a week I want to have sex. etc.) there are hilarious pics that accompany each option. I won’t give them away here, because they really are worth seeing for yourself the first time. But I guarantee you’ll giggle at least a half dozen times putting your free membership together.




Once I finished my profile, the site immediately took me to the search page, and loaded me up with at least two hundred local Asian women looking to get some commitment free sex. To be honest, just looking through these gorgeous ladies’ profiles and their nude and semi-nude profile pics was amazing, but almost right away I found a dozen or so women I’d love to get together with. I started sending out a generic “Hi, do you want to have sex with me sometime this month?” emails to those twelve women and began looking around the site. Before I got too far, I saw that my inbox had received a response from three of the women I had emailed. I couldn’t read their emails with my free membership, so I had to choose one of two paid membership options to gain the full email functionality of the site.



Here is the break-down of the cost of the two paid membership options they give you:


Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


When I looked up what each membership option gives, this is what the site told me:


Silver Membership Includes:

  • 100 Day Get Lucky or Your Money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited Email feature
  • Unlimited Search function


Gold Membership Includes:

  • All Silver Member Features
  • Webchat feature
  • Group discussion boards
  • Members forum
  • Members’ Video Section (featuring sex movies uploaded and featuring actual members)
  • XXX movie area (featuring thousands of XXX movies all for free)


Since I knew that I wanted to get the most out of this  month long experiment, and because it was less than ten bucks more than the silver option, I went with the month-long Gold Membership. I took a quick tour through the discussion boards and forums, and they were filled with some really hot stories, topics, and conversations. The XXX theatre was great, but what really blew my mind were the members’ videos. If you’re a fan of amateur porn, this will drive you crazy. Plus, the fact that you can actually email and try to hook up with the women in those videos is something else!




I went onto the discussion board and looked around until i found a thread about MFF threesomes. I put a post up about how I was looking for a threesome, and I had a month to find one, so if any ladies that use the site were game, they should get back to me. Then I got back to my emails, and started chatting with the local women, and setting up dates. In fact, I got lucky the very next afternoon with a super sexy, petite Asian girl that was 22 years old, but looked like she belonged in high school. Don’t worry – I checked her ID. Then I checked everything else. Amazing afternoon, to say the least.




Over the month, I spent about a half hour every night surfing through profiles and emailing potential hookups. I ended up having 19 sex dates over the month, with three sex dates cancelling or postponing for one reason or another. The best part of all is that four of the women I hooked up with had such an amazing time with me that they told me I could call them any time to get a little more action. Nothing better than a handful of go-to Asian booty calls, baby! Actually, the best part is this: I actually managed to hook up the threesome! It took some effort and tenacity, but with just three days left in my month membership, I did it. It was glorious, and I highly recommend to anyone that they try it for themselves.




To be honest, this site has very little to complain about.  I suppose the one thing I would change if I was running the site is that I would bring down the price a little, but AsianLoverSearch is still well below most comparable adult dating sites’ costs.


Bottom Line


If you want to sex date with Asians in your area, this is the best site I’ve ever tried.