If you want to date ebony people with no chance of premarital sex, then this site is for you. God bless.



BlackCelibacy Review


BlackCelibacy is a site that was kind of a bitter sweet idea when I found out that it was next in the rotation for my reviews. Sweet because I’ve always found ebony women to be among the most beautiful and sexy on the planet. (For an illustration check out my

BlackLoverSearch Review.) I’ve always had a huge desire to have a lot of interracial dating with black women because they are often so strong, independent, sexy, and built just right. But the problem with BlackCelibacy is that it is an online dating site specifically geared to matching people up with ebony partners for relationship dating with NO CHANCE of any kind of sexual activity.


Now, I’ve enjoyed using dating sites that weren’t about sex hookups. In fact, I’ve reviewed plenty of dating sites where I had dozens of dates over the month, and none of them turned into anything sexual (besides first and maybe second base). And that was fine. If people are using internet dating for relationships, then sex doesn’t have to enter the picture. But the fact that this site went out of its way to actually prohibit the sex seemed sort of controlling. However, I was determined to give it an honest try, even though I am a fervent agnostic, and this site had God written all over it. Literally. On their “About Us” page, the first “benefit” they give for remaining celibate is that “you are doing God’s will”. Yeah, except your “God” is just as fictitious as any that have come down the pipe over the past 50,000 years. Yes, the Earth is older than 6000 years, despite what your book tells you. But I digress.


 First Impressions


I went into the BlackCelibacy review with an open mind and closed zipper. I filled out my profile in about twenty minutes, and found that the site was pretty slick, in terms of design and features. The functionality was pretty good in that they have webcam and instant messaging. Before I started looking through the profiles of the local women they set up on my search page, I wanted to get a sense of the site as a whole. Perhaps the most illuminating section was the About page which I referenced earlier. Here’s their 10 benefits of celibacy (with my editorial additions in brackets):



1. When you are celibate, you are doing God’s will. (yeah… “God’)

2. Celibate people don’t have to worry about contracting STD’s. (what about mouth herpes?)

3. When you are celibate, you don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies. (condoms work just fine)

4. When you are celibate, you can focus more on your goals. (uh, no. You focus more on sex because you’re not getting any satisfaction)

5. When you are celibate, you don’t have to worry about any bad sexual experiences. (sex is like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still OK)

6. When you are celibate and dating, you know whether you want to enter a relationship. (and if you wait until marriage to have sex, you might find out too late that you’re completely incompatible)

7. When you are celibate, it becomes clear that true love isn’t limited to physical relationships. (true love, huh?)

8. When you are celibate, you limit the unwanted emotional baggage. (not true at all)

9. When you are celibate and dating, your partner will often time trust you more. (illogical)

10. When you are celibate, you get to explore a different kind of feeling of self worth, empowerment and individuality. (when you’re having hot sex, you get to explore a different kind of feeling of self worth, empowerment, and compatibility)




As I mentioned earlier, the site has a pretty decent layout and web design. Their numbers are pretty good, and there were a lot of really hot ebony ladies that I got together with over the month. The site also has a pretty good blog and forum section to talk about God and how great it is to have blue balls the size of cantaloupes.



I went on twenty-one first dates with different women, and all of them were perfectly nice. Some were unbelievably hot and built like supermodels, but knowing that they were all waiting for marriage to have any sort of sexual satisfaction pretty much meant that the first was going to be our last date. After all, I couldn’t wait until marriage to have sex with someone, and I didn’t want to lead them on. If you can handle being celibate and find ebony people as hot as I do, then this could be a fine site for you, though. After all, it’s free and filled with god-fearing black goddesses!





Free for now. I’m leery to it staying free since their Terms page says, “If BlackCelibacy terminates your membership in the Service because you have breached the Agreement, you will not be entitled to any refund of unused subscription fees.” If it’s free, why that statement? Suspicious…




The major problem I have with this site is that it seems like it’s bossing me around. I’m not saying that I have to have sex when I’m on a date. In fact, there are plenty of first dates when it’s not even on the table. But for it to not be allowed to me seems controlling. What if we hit it off and the sexual sparks are flying and we’re meant to be together because we’re soul mates. Sorry, you have to wait until marriage. No thanks.


Bottom Line


If you’re religious and into ebony dating, and can handle the fact that you’re not going to get ANY action at all, then this site is pretty good. However, if you’re a normal human with actual sexual needs and you don’t have the desire for a website to impose its morality on you, then there are plenty of great interracial and ebony dating sites out there. I suggest dating women on one of those ones