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BlackLoverSearch Review


BlackLoverSearch is fantastic. If you’re the sort of person that likes their exposition to cut to the chase, then there it is. However, for the more patient of those among you who want to know about whether or not his site is reasonably priced and will actually get you laid with multiple sexy black partners, I’ve got a full review here for y ou to enjoy. I should point out before I begin, that it has always been one of my all time fetishes to have hot, sweaty, anonymous sex with sultry, full figured, sensuous black women. I’ve been a long time fan of black women as physical specimens, since they usually have some of the best bodies (see huge curves) around. I have also always loved black women in terms of their attitudes and personalities. They just seem more down to earth, more sexual, and have the something that makes me get all hot blooded as soon as I see them. That being said, I also love every other race’s women too. I don’t discriminate. I participate. Now, onto the review.


First Impressions


The first thing I was greeted with when I went onto BlackLoverSearch was a sweet, high quality front page filled with a lot of really good looking people. It basically asks you the first, and most important questions right off the bat. What sex are you, and what sex do you want to have sex with? After that, there are various other questions that narrow down your preferences and location, so that their site’s algorithm can figure out the best people to match up with you. The great thing about this site is that each and ever page that has quaestions for you to fill in to complete their free initial profile is hilarious. They don’t take themselves too seriously, which is great. They get you smiling before you get to searching through their database of millions of sex hungry members, which I liked.



After filling in my free profile information, I was immediately transported to the site’s search page, which already had a list of about four hundred local ebony beauties presented to me for perusal. I began looking through their profiles one at a time, marvelling at how free they all were with their profile pics. These girls didn’t mind showing off what god had given them! Some were semi-nude and tastefully dress\ed in lingerie. But some were totally nude and hiding absolutely nothing from the camera. I liked those pictures the best.

I started emailing the girls I found the most attractive and seemingly compatible and before I had even gotten through a hundred of the women on my suggestion page, I started seeing responses come into my inbox. When I tried ot open the responses, the site informed me that I needed to upgrade to one of the two (Silver or Gold) memberships to use the full email feature. My engine was so revved up by that point, and I had budgeted a reasonable amount of money for this review, that I quickly agreed to the gold membership. In case you were interested, here’s how they charge for each:




Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)

I was trying to decide which of the two options to go with, so I decided to call my buddy Tony who has been using and raving about BlackLoverSearch since he started using it a year ago. He told me to go for the Gold Membership because it gives me access to everything the site has to offer, most importantly, the members’ videos section. I took his word for it, and he was right. Before I get too into why, here are the features you get with each membership:

Silver – Gets you unlimited email functionality, as well as unlimited search feature to look through the site’s membership. Also gives you instant access to the 3-Month Get Lucky or Your Money Back Guarantee.

Gold – Gives you everything the Silver Membership has, plus unlimited access to BlackLoverSearch’s webcam feature, group discussion boards and online forums, the XXX movies theatre, and members’ videos.





I loved this site. From the very first  night I started getting interested, hot, local women emailing me and setting up dates. And I’m talking all-night, sweaty, serious sex nights. I don’t want to stereotype, but ebony goddesses want sex from dusk until dawn. They want round two and three and four. I started bringing Red Bulls just to keep up with these temptresses. But I guess I should discuss the site, and not the women. The site was great. It costs less than many comparable sites out there, and has a slick, well designed layout. I never had any problems, but my buddy Tony told me he once had an issue with them, but their customer service cleared it up same day.

I want to talk about my favourite part of the site, save for the 25 beautiful black women that it got me laid with. The members’ videos section. That’s where actual members upload sex videos of themselves for other members to watch. I spent the nights that I wasn’t going out for a sex date (which were few and far between) marvelling at these awesome amateur vids. Excellent bonus that no other similar sites I’ve reviewed have.




There wasn’t too much to complain about with BlackLoverSearch. I guess the only real con for all you out there might be that the only women and men on the site are black, and if your tastes go beyond that, then this site probably isn’t the best thing for you. However, if you’re solely interested in black men and women, this is the perfect place to look for casual sex dates. Or, maybe you’re interested in having a month-long blackstravaganza with ebony lovers. Then I suggest you get the month long gold membership.


Bottom Line


BlackLoverSearch delivers exactly what it says it does. Millions of ebony people looking to satisfy their horny urges with you. I went black, and I will go back.