Looking for a Long Term Relationship? Give eHarmony a try....



Personally, I am not looking for a long term relationship right now. But when I was conceptualizing this blog 3 years back, I decided that if I wanted to do online dating reviews right, I would need to include all different types of dating sites. Today’s is one of the biggest online matchmaking sites in the world, Eharmony.com.


First Impression

The site professes to connect ‘Marriage-Minded’ couples with each other, so if you are unsure whether you want to get married, don’t bother signing up. If you do decide to sign up, be prepared that you likely won’t get to start looking at your matches for at least an hour. This site has what must be considered the SAT of online dating and matchmaking. Case in point? When I reached page SIX of the questionnaire, the site told me I was only 45% finished. How many pages in total were there? 18. I counted. But hey, if you want a long-term commitment, then there’s nothing wrong with a ridiculously detailed profile. Or you could just, you know, learn these things as you date the person….

The matching process is one of the best you can find when it comes to online dating, and explains the amount of detail put into their questionnaire:



Withing the first 24 hours, I had 13 matches, one of which had actually requested to communicate with me:



Free to join, paid for premium plans

Basic Plans:
1 month @ $59.95
3 months @$34.95 ($104.85 billed up front)
6 months @ $29.95 ($179.70 billed up front)
1 year @: $18.95 ($227.40 billed up front OR 3 payments of $75.80)

Plan Features:

  • Get a deeper analysis of your personality
  • Talk on the phone safely and securely with SecureCall
  • View match photos
  • Request photos from your matches
  • See “who’s viewed your profile”
  • See when your matches last logged in
  • Send/Receive Communication Requests

TotalConnect Plan:

12 months @ $13.95 (billed in 3 installments of $55.80)

Benefits of TotalConnect:

  • All of the above features
  • Premium Personality Profile, measuring 15 additional personality facets to help match you better
  • RelyID, to confirm name, address and age for added member reassurance


The matching is so detailed, I am actually quite impressed, even though it took a while to finish initially. If you can’t find someone that at the very least would make a good friend, then mabye you need to take a closer look at what you have filled in on your profile. The women that were my matches were all cute, friendly and the dates I went on were a great experience, just lacking in chemistry with all but one, who I dated for 6 months afterwards. The website is easy to use, very straightforward, even a child could figure it out.



The one major issue I had beyond the essay of a questionnaire was the fact that when I tried to buy a membership, the site told you about different plan features such as Premium personality profile and Total connect, but does not explain what exactly they are on the paid subscription signup page. I actually had to Google the difference between the two for clarification. (Heads up, Eharmony!)

Bottom Line:

I only paid for the 1 month subscription, but during that time I chatted with about 10 women. All of them were great personalities, we got along fine. Some of them I personally didn’t find to be my type, lookswise, which is bound to happen at some point. I ended up having 6 first dates, 3 second dates, and one turned into a 6 month relationship that ended due to her moving out of the country for work.  I actually still do chat with all 3 of the women I had more than one date with, so even though I didn’t end up with a serious relationship, I now have awesome gal pals that I can turn to for advice! Remember Mandy, from this post? Yep, Eharmony. Now best female friend.

Reality: Good relationship building site, odds are high you could end up in a LTR, or it could end up like these two:


Except minus all the sex. And the ending.