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EroticAds Review


When I knew that EroticAds was coming up in my review rotation, I got pretty excited about it. It might sound gross, but my maternal grandfather (whose name I’ve decided to keep private, but will refer to him as Jed in this review) became a widower down in Florida at the age of 65 last year, and has been using sites like EroticAds to get action here and there when the mood strikes him. I was kind of grossed out at first when I’d visit Jed and he’d talk about his experiences sex dating with a big smile on his face, but when I told him about my project to review all the dating sites out there, he was more than happy to give me even more lurid details about the “tail he was nailing” in sunny Florida. I love and miss my grandmother very much, but after I reminded myself that every man has needs, I opened my mind and gave gramps an attentive ear.

He said he had tried many of the big adult dating sites to get action in and around his retirement community. He didn’t use relationship sites because he had 40 plus years of marriage and was looking for the fun he never got as a young man. He had used AdultFriendFinder amongst others, but found that EroticAds was the best place for hooking himself up with casual sex dates. I asked him if it was with women his age, and he said most of the time, yes. But sometimes, he would say, a younger woman with a thing for older guys would make a date with him. I thanked him for his input, said a prayer for my dead grammy, and set off to try EroticAds for a month.

First Impressions


The first thing I see when I go to EroticAds is their fantastic, splashy front page with a gorgeous virtual model beckoning me to fill in my free initial profile. The further I go through the process, the more nude she becomes, and I have to say, they’ve chosen a pretty flawless girl to get naked. I hope she, and plenty more just like her are living in my area, looking for hot, casual sex!

Once my profile is finished (it only took about ten minutes altogether), I start looking through the profiles of the women the site has suggested I contact because their algorithm thinks we’d be good sex matches. There are so many women in my local area with so many hot profile pics of themselves that it’s kind of overwhelming at first. I start off by emailing ones that are absolute perfect tens, asking them if they’d be into chatting and perhaps getting together for sex. After all those women, I start looking through my area’s ladies myself, choosing girls that the EroticAds algorithm missed. As I’m sending out my emails to those women, I get notification that some of the women I’ve already emailed have responded in my inbox. That was fast, I think to myself.

When I try to read their responses, I am informed that to use the full functionality of the email feature on EroticAds I’ve got to pay for one of the two premium memberships they offer. There is the Silver and Gold membership package, and they cost:


Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)

I decided to go with the Silver membership at first, because it let me have unlimited access to the email feature, as well as the browsing feature, which is all I figured I’d need. It also gave me their 100-day Get Lucky or Get Your Money Back Guarantee. But then I remembered that my granddad told me that his favourite part of EroticAds was the members’ videos section, which is only available if I got the Gold membership. Since it was only five bucks more for the month and gave me all the Silver membership features, the members’ videos section, and webcam feature, as well as access to the group forums and discussion boards, I went for it.

Before reading my email responses, I wanted to check out the members’ video section. It was AWESOME. It’s a feature on EroticAds where members post sex videos of themselves for other members to enjoy. Not only is this an amazing feature if you’re into amateur porn, but it’s also great because you can actually contact the women in these videos and try to get sex dates with them! You can’t do that with most amateur porn you watch!

However, with the Gold Membership, you also get access to EroticAds’ XXX theatre, which has thousands of porn videos too. They really want you to enjoy yourself at this site! After watching a bunch of members’ videos, I emailed some of the women in those videos, and started responding to the emails in my inbox. It was a very erotic email filled evening!



From the very first evening, I started making sex dates with interested women in my city. In fact, that first night I hooked up with a gorgeous, young woman that rocked my world until the dawn. Huge membership, reasonable prices, slick web design, sweet features, and the money-back guarantee makes this site a killer. My gramps was right!


The only real problem I had with EroticAds was that I found that the XXX theatre and members videos section are too damn distracting. If you don’t put your time and effort into surfing and contacting actual women, then you’re never going to get laid. Once you’ve watched a few videos and self satisfied, your enthusiasm wanes. Believe me. But this is a minor criticism, since with a little stick-to-iti-veness, you can be disciplined in your search and sex dating.

Bottom Line

EroticAds is great. Considering how little it costs and how much action it will get you, it’s a site every single, horny person should use. Get your kicks and have hot sex with little effort! That’s what EroticAds is all about.