EroticAffairs is a reasonably-priced sex dating site with a slick look and huge amount of horny people looking for commitment-free fun.



EroticAffairs Review

EroticAffairs is a great place for any horny man or woman to find themselves some hot local sex dating. But more than that, it provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy a vacation away from your locality. Believe me – I know.


This is my story of a trip back to my home town in the mid west, and how EroticAffairs made an otherwise terrible vacation one I’ll never forget. I’ve changed the names to protect the innocent, although what they’re innocent of, I’m not really sure.

Here’s the back story. I get two weeks vacation every year, and this year my vacation happened to coincide with my parents’ thirtieth wedding anniversary, which they planned to celebrate in a party in my old home town. I was guilted into spending my second week of vacation in my old home town to attend said party, and have “quality time” with my brother, sister, and mom and dad. Knowing this would be terrible, I planned to use EroticAffairs, which is the sex dating site I reviewed that month, to make things a little more bearable.


First Impressions



As soon as I visited EroticAffairs front page, the gorgeous blonde hottie that is pictured to the left greeted me and began asking me what I was there for. Basically she took me through, step by step, the free membership and profile creation. Compared to most adult dating sites that just have boring form pages to fill in, this was amazing. I’m there for sex dating real women, but having a little cheesecake to make the profile creation didn’t hurt one bit.

The free profile only took about ten minutes to finish, and was comprehensive enough for the site to immediately take me to a results page with hundreds of local women looking for casual sex. EroticAffairs is one of those sites where the women and men can upload whatever profile pictures they want for themselves, and these ladies did not disappoint. Most were totally nude and showing off their curves and intimate bits. Very exciting, and a great way to start looking through to see who I wanted to contact to try to set up sex dates with.

However, since I knew that for one week of the month I’d be back home in my home town “enjoying” my parents’ anniversary, I decided to change some of my search perimeters so that I could see women looking for sex in my old stomping grounds. There were thousands of women there too, looking for some commitment free fun, so I also started emailing the hottest ones with the prospect of hooking up while I was in town.

I spent about twenty minutes that first night sending out emails to women in my current and former home towns, and went to bed. When I woke up, I saw that my inbox was filled with responses from about 85% of the women I had contacted. Compared to most dating sites, this is a really high result. This is because most f the huge dating sites are filled with fake and abandoned profiles, so you never hear back from most of the “women” they have on there. EroticAffairs does not have this problem. However, before I could access their responses, I had to choose either EroticAffairs’ gold or silver membership options. They’re both paid memberships, but compared to the other big sex dating sites out there, come in at a much lower price. Here’s there pay structure for the two options:



Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


The Silver membership gets you an unlimited amount of access to their email and search features, which is the basic functionality you’ll need to find, contact, and set up your sex dates. It also gives you instant access to the sites’ 3 month Get Laid or Your Money Back Guarantee. Believe me, if you put even five minutes in each night, you will not need this safeguard. The Gold membership gets you all the silver features, plus unlimited access to the group forums and discussion boards, as well as the site’s webcam function and XXX theatre and members’ movies. Since the gold membership is only a few bucks more and gets you the full site features, I recommend going for it.




As soon as I upgraded, things got crazy. i never had an overwhelming amount of women wanting to hook up before I used this sex dating site, and I’ve reviewed a lot of them by now. For some reason, maybe because spring was in the air, the ladies were coming out of everywhere, looking to have some casual sex. I had my choice of women for almost ever day of the week for the whole month, and the best part was, I got to hook up a few threesomes too. One was with a young married couple looking to give the wife a little something special, and the other was with two very experimental college girls who wanted to try something new. Good times.

But the best part was that I managed to set up sex dates for every night of the seven I was visiting home. I made sure that my parents knew I’d be staying in a hotel and not in my old room, so hooking up with ladies was easy once I managed to get away from the fam. In a awesome twist of fate, a girl I had a huge crush on in high school but never got to date was one of the women I hooked up with while I was home. She was married and was slipping out while her husband went bowling to get some hot new action on the side. A dream come true, as she was just as hot and sexy as I remembered.



The only problem, if you can call it that, is that there were so many women wanting to have sex that it got a bit overwhelming. Keeping things straight and the hook ups scheduled was a little confusing because of the sheer volume of interested parties. But I bought a day calendar from the dollar store, and that seemed to do the trick.

Bottom Line


If you want casual sex, and plenty of it, at home or on vacation for a very reasonable cost, this is the site to use. Top pick.