EroticLove is a fantastic online sex dating tool for anyone looking for casual hook ups.



EroticLove Review

I wanted to get my EroticLove review under way as soon as I could because my brother (and best friend) has been using it since he moved away to Chicago, and he’s raved about it since day 1. He moved there for his business, and since he didn’t know a soul, he decided that until he met a woman he wanted to date romantically, he’d use EroticLove to set himself up with sex dates. He told me that from the very start, there were hundreds of women looking for casual sex dates with him, and he’s never stopped using the site since he began utilizing it more than a year ago. He’s got a steady stable of about twenty A-Class, go-to booty calls that he’s met through the site, but he still uses it to meet new women all the time. He’s given me plenty of details about his personal exploits, but I won’t go into them here. But as you can tell, there were plenty of reasons that I was chomping at the bit-rate to get this review under way!




First Impressions

I love these online dating sites that have taken the boring form-filling rigmarole that everyone has to go through at the get go, and replaced it with a splashy, slick, virtual tour through the site by some scantily clad virtual vixen. EroticLove is one such site, and the brunette hottie they’ve cast as their tour guide through the free initial membership process is one hot tamale. And if that’s not enough to get your motor running, this stunning siren gets more and more nude the further along the process you go. It’s kind of hard…to focus on your answers with this live action lady shaking her birthday suit at you, but I persevered and made it through the entire free profile creation.

In addition to the stunning, naked woman guiding me through the profile creation, it was also kind of fun to sign up for EroticLove because every screen that asked me questions about myself had some sort of funny picture for each option. Clearly the designers at this site wanted to ensure a good time during the sign-up, and not just a titillating one. Full marks for design at this site, so far!




Once my free membership was completed, EroticLove let me look all around their site, and even search through the local ladies in my city. I was able to look through their profiles and send emails to the ones that I found attractive. To receive their responses (which I started getting almost as soon as I had sent them out), I had to upgrade myself to one of EroticLove’s two paid membership options (silver or gold).  Here’s the pricing guide to both options, from a three-day membership, all the way to a year:


Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)

Since I wanted to give a thorough evaluation of all EroticLove’s features, I decided to go with the month long gold membership. It was only a little more expensive than the silver option anyway, and gave me unlimited access to all EroticLove’s functionality, so it was kind of a no brainer. However, in case you’re wondering what the exact difference between the two options are, it basically breaks down like this:

Silver Membership

This gives you unlimited access to other member’s profiles, and lets you email and receive emails as much as you want in the time frame you choose. It also gives you instant access to EroticLove’s 100 Day Guarantee that lets you get your money back in three months if you haven’t managed to hook up at all. My guess is that no one has ever needed to cash in on that guarantee, though, if they put in just a little time into searching and saying hi to local sex seekers.

Gold Membership

The gold membership, which I got, gave me instant and unlimited access to the webcam functionality, group forums, the XXX movie area, the discussion boards, the members’ videos area, and all the silver membership features. In case you were wondering, the difference between the XXX video section and the members’ video section, is that the members’ video section features adult movies posted by, and starring the people on EroticLove themselves! Suffice to say, this is an amazing way to seek out prospective hook-ups that goes well beyond the mere profile pic!



The thing I like most about EroticLove is the huge amount of membership, combined with the members’ videos section I mentioned earlier. Unlike most adult dating sites where you have a few scantily clad profile pics to garner what a person might be like in the sack, with the members’ videos section, there is very little left to the imagination. You can see first hand what you’re in for when it comes to intimate times with a prospective hook up. As well, the webcam chatting was flawless and never lagged, which can sometimes be a problem at other sites I’ve tried, especially at peak online hours. Comparitievley speaking, the prices are competitive, and if you opt for the year long gold membership, comes in really cheap (at just $12.50 a month). When you consider how much you pay at a singles bar in a single night, this month-long rate is literally a drop in the ocean. Literally.

Over the month, here is the data for my usage:

Women contacted by me: 88

Women that responded: 71

Women that contacted me independently: 25

Dates scheduled: 21

Dates that were successful: 20


The only real problem I had with EroticLove is that I was so worked up by the virtual vixen and initial search through the members’ profiles that having to upgrade to a paid membership was a bit of a drag. Not because I had to pay, because that’s par for the course with quality online dating, but because I had to go through the process of paying, which delayed my fun using the site and contacting ladies. However, like I said, the cost is negligible compared to actually going out and trying to pick up, and on the low side, compared to other sex dating websites.

Bottom Line

Fantastic site. Great return on investment and time!