Fuck lives up to its name! If you're looking for hot casual sex, this is the adult dating site to use!



Fuck Review

Fuck is a site that, probably not surprisingly is a adult dating website focused on hooking like minded people up for some hot, no strings attached sex. This is not a dating site where you go looking for the person you want to be in a monogamous relationship with, or looking to marry. This is a site where you find people that want to get their naughty bits wet, and that is it. You meet online. You meet in real life. You have sex. You clean up, say thank you, and leave. Technically speaking, the site is called Fuck.com, but I’ll assume we all know how the internet works, and will be referring to it as Fuck from here on out. For all you people out there who are adverse to seeing or reading profanity, for this review, just pretend I’m saying Frick.


First Impressions

My first impression when seeing the splash front page of Fuck was not surprising. It was pure titillation at seeing hundreds of very revealing profile pictures of the women inside, just waiting for me to create my free initial profile and say hello. I got a kick out of the animated icon in the word “fuck”, in which the letter “k” has been changed into a dirty little stick figure giving it to another stick figure doggy style. Funny.

To be honest, before I started working on my new profile on Fuck, I spent a good ten minutes browsing through the profile pics that it presented to me on their front page. I knew that sex dating sites usually have provocative pictures, but the girls on Fuck seem to want to take things up a notch or two. Instead of just blatant T&A shots, these ladies have all put some time and effort into dressing themselves up and getting nice and made-up before taking their picture. The positions are sexy, and their choice of lingerie (if they’re wearing anything at all) is perfect in showing off their best attributes.


After forcing myself to click away from this visual smorgasbord, I began the easy sign-up process for Fuck’s free initial membership. It took about fifteen minutes and then I was immediately brought to the search page with about a hundred women from my city looking for some hot, casual sex with new men. I looked down at how many pages, with a hundred women on each, there was for my local area. It had 25 pages shown, with more and more just waiting. I figured I had better get started if I was going to get my chance with even a fraction of all these horny honeys!

I started sending out emails through the site to the sexiest ladies I found in my area, and within a half an hour, there were responses from some of them in my inbox. To access the full functionality of my email feature, I had to upgrade to one of two paid options on Fuck. The choices were the silver membership, which includes unlimited access to the search and email features, as well as the three month “get laid or get your money back” guarantee. The gold membership costs about five bucks more, and includes all the silver membership privileges as well as a wealth of others. Namely, unlimited access to the group forums, the online discussion boards, the XXX movie theatre, members movies, and webcam features. If you’re interested to know the difference between the XXX theatre, and members’ movies section, the members’ movies are films uploaded by actual Fuck members featuring themselves. It’s a fantastic area I spent a good deal of time at. Well worth the extra month for the gold membership. Here are the cost breakdowns:

Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


The best thing by far about Fuck is the sheer numbers their site has to offer. I spent about a half hour each night for a month on the site browsing through the women, contacting them, and setting up dates, and there was no shortage of interest. In fact, I contacted over a hundred women throughout the month, was propositioned by another forty or so (completely independently), and ended up scheduling twenty two sex dates. Of those twenty two, only two women cancelled. One because she and her boyfriend got back together because he was insanely jealous thinking about her having all sorts of commitment free fun with dudes like me, and the other woman because she got her monthly visit from Aunt Flo. I told her I’d be happy to get together anyway, and just let her practise her oral skills on me, but apparently she wanted some pleasure too, so we postponed it, but never got around to re-scheduling. As you can imagine, 22 sex dates in a single month is a fantastic return on just an investment of half an hour a night. Plus, three of the women and I hit it off so well, that I was given the green light to consider them booty calls whenever I get horny. Awesome.



The only real problem I had with Fuck was the sheer volume of members on the site, and the limited matchmaking their algorithms have. With such an abundance of women, you’d hope that the suggestions they make for y our hook ups would be distinct. But I found that their matchmaking was pretty much solely based on locale, and sexual preferences. Which in many ways is all you really need. But I found that to get a really high quality match, I had to do the digging through the profiles myself. Which I didn’t necessarily mind, since each woman’s profile was like a hot, sexy, naked resume for herself.

Bottom Line

I think Fuck is a great site, reasonably priced and teeming with so many members that getting some casual hook ups is easy with even minimal time put into the searching. I also highly recommend spending some time looking through the members’ videos section and using that as a springboard for choosing potential sex partners.