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MatureLoverSearch Review


MatureLoverSearch is a great site for two kinds of people. Mature men and women looking to meet and have casual, commitment-free sex with other mature men or women in their area, and young men and women who are looking to have casual sex with mature men or women because they’ve got a thing for older lovers.


Personally I totally understand this attraction, since I’ve always had an attraction to MILFs or cougars, or whatever an older, sexy lady is called now a days. Plus, plenty of my friends who are women have gone on and on about the sexiness of a silver fox, which is how they refer to an older, distinguished gentleman. After all, who wouldn’t want to have hot, steamy sex with someone mature, experienced, secure, and with a ton of sexual knowledge under their belt? If knowing is half the battle, older lovers are clearly ones to enjoy going to war under the sheets with!


First Impressions


The first thing I was greeted with when I went to MatureLoverSearch’s front page was a very slick page showing a bunch of very respectfully dressed older men and women all looking into my eyes and asking me to start filling in my free initial profile. Unlike most sex dating sites’ front page, there was no titillating skin being shown, nor a lot of profile pics from a screen grab of the site with nude or nearly nude members showing off the naughty bits god had blessed them with. Obviously this site is definitely more geared to older, more mature men and women who don’t need the titillation of the site to get what they want. They simply want to et matched with other horny, locals, mature people for some hot, discreet sex dates. I get that.


I began filling out my free membership information, which was quick and easy. Basically all it needed to know was what sexual preference I have, and where I live, among other more intimate details. After a five minute process, the free membership was completed, and I was presented with a screen with literally hundreds of local, mature women looking to have some discreet, casual sex. I began looking through the profiles of the women I was matched up with through the site, and they pretty much nailed exactly what it was I was looking for, in terms of a woman. There were about twenty women I emailed that night, and after spending about a half an hour on the site, I went to bed, dreaming of fantastic sex dates with these mature ladies over the next month.

Before I went to work the next morning, I logged into my account, and saw that there were already replies from almost all the women I had emailed the night before. Not to stereotype, but most of them were sent early that morning, reinforcing my beliefe that most mature men and women believe in the old adage of ‘early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (or woman) healthy, wealthy, and wise’. The site  informed me that before I could read their replies, I had to choose one of two paid membership opitions at the site. Either their “Silver” or “Gold” membership. This was no surprise, since a site this slick, (and most other comparable sites out there) require you to pay a fee to use their service. Compared to meeting people at the bars, it’s always a bargain, so I looked through the features that each membership option had, and the cost of each. It breaks down like this:




Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


The Silver Membership (which is the one I considered getting before I read the list of what each option provided, simply because I was going to try to hook up with all these silver-haired sex sirens) gets you the basics at the site. Namely, unlimited access to the email function and search function. It lets you look through the people in your area, and email them all. However, the Gold Membership, which was only five bucks more for the month I was reviewing the site, got me all the Silver Membership stuff, as well as limitless access to the webcam feature (so I could video chat with the ladies), access to the group forums and discussion boards (if I wanted to add to discussions and topics that interested me), and the XXX theatre that had thousands of adult movies to enjoy for free. For just five bucks more, I went with the Gold, and it did not disappoint!





Once I had access to my emails, I began corresponding with all the women that had written back to me, and started writing to more new women. It seemed like all these lovely older women were chomping at the bit to get together with a younger man like myself. Most of them would tell me that being retired gave them all the time in the world, so having a little fun in the afternoon or evening was just what the doctor ordered. I spent, on average, about thirty minutes each night emailing and searching through the ladies’ profiles, and ended up having sex dates with seventeen women over the month. That’s more than a different woman every other night. And these women were amazing. Age and experience definitely have their advantages. I learned more in one month with these beautiful women than I have in the years I’ve been having sex with women my own age. Highly recommend it, guys!





If I had one complaint about the site it would be that the thousands of XXX movies I had access to with my gold membership was too damn distracting. After all, if you watch one or two of these adult videos, then odds are you’re going to lose interest in the site and it’s real ladies. It takes discipline to keep your eye on the prize, guys!


Bottom Line


If you’re looking to meet older, mature men or women for discreet sex dating, MatureLoverSearch is amazing. The price is low, and the results are incredible!