If you're looking to find rich and prosperous guys to date and possibly get into a relationship with, then MeetSuccessfulMen is the perfect dating site for you!



MeetSuccessfulMen Review

MeetSuccessfulMen is the site women and gay men have been silently wishing for and has finally arrived on the scene! It might sound wrong somehow to say that you’re looking for a prosperous and successful guy to date, but let’s face it, ladies, a little financial security to go along with a meaningful relationship doesn’t hurt one bit.


Now, since I am a heterosexual man, reviewing this site wasn’t really an option, since it’s all about meeting and dating successful guys. So, I decided to ask all my single friends who are women to see if any of them would be interested in giving this site a try for a month on my dime. I had a list of ten friends ready to go through, but the very first friend I asked jumped at the chance, so that was that. Her name is Lisa, and she has been a good friend of mine since college. Really cool girl, and so now I hand the reins over to her. From here on out, it’s all Lisa:

Hi everybody! As mentioned above, my name is Lisa, and I was happy to give my input on this new dating website. I’ll let you know a little about myself. I’m 27 years old, have been single for about seven months, and work as a copywriter for a large advertising agency. I’ve had two serious relationships in my life, never been married, have no kids, and am looking to meet successful, single men. So. obviously when a site named MeetSuccessfulMen comes along, it piqued my interest.

First Impressions


When I went onto the site’s homepage, I could tell right away that this was the real deal. A lot of the dating websites I’ve used over the years are really sloppy and even though some of them were free, they just weren’t put together very well. They were either confusing or muddled, or both. But MeetSuccessfulMen was great because it was a really beautiful site right from the get-go. The designers have done an excellent job making the site look really professional, and put all sorts of gorgeous guys in slick suits all over the place. They immediately start to ask you questions about yourself so that before you know it, you’re filling in your free profile. It only takes about five minutes to fill in the whole thing, and there are humorous pictures and hunky guys the whole time, so it doesn’t seem like it takes any time at all.




Once my free profile creation was finished, they sent me to a page with about a hundred local men in my area looking to date women like me. They had matched me up with these fellows, and based on a look through most of the men’s profiles, I have to say their matching system is right on the money. Plus, there were about ten more pages (with a hundred guys on each page) for me to go through. Talk about it’s raining men! I went through about fifty guys’ profiles and chose about half that to send a pretty generic, getting to know you email to each. Before I was finished sending those emails out, I began getting replies from some of the men! Also, I noticed I was getting unsolicited emails from men I hadn’t contacted first. I’ve noticed that in internet dating, the women definitely have the advantage, but this was beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Maybe it’s because my profile pic was pretty sex, if I do say so  myself…

When I tried to read the replies, the site informed me that I had to upgrade to either their Silver or Gold membership package. Justin told me this was probably going to be the case, and he gave me a modest budget for my month’s review of the site. Here are the prices for the two options they gave me:




Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


The Silver membership gets you limitless access to the search and email functions, as well as a guarantee that you’ll get a date in three months, or your money is returned. The Gold membership gets you all that, plus the webcam feature and access to the group forums and discussion boards. Justin gave me fifty bucks for any membership costs because he said most quality sites charge around that much, so I went with the Gold membership and still had money left over for a nice bottle of wine for myself. Score.




meet-successful-men-scamOnce I had full access to the site, things really started rolling quickly. A lot of these guys were really interesting, and very successful. I’m not a gold digger or anything, but meeting men with a stable, successful job and good looks is not something I’ll turn away from. I spent about a half hour each night on the site, and I started making four dates a week. Before the first week was out, I had my whole month booked. This was great. I ended up adding a few more dates and had second dates with a few of the more compatible guys, so all in all I went out about twenty times in the month. Four of the guys were really awesome and I plan to see them in an ongoing fashion. One of them is just amazing. It’s early, but….




I really don’t know what to say negatively about this site. I had an amazing experience and met a ton of hot, wealthy men. I suppose one thing some girls might not like is that there is an overwhelming amount of attention you’ll get on this site, which can be a little daunting. But for me, I like having so much attention, and the pick of he litter, so to speak. It’s just a matter of choosing the ones that you feel the highest level of attraction and compatibility with.


Bottom Line


I owe Justin big-time for this! I’ve never met such a quality group of wealthy, gorgeous men in one place. And they’re all looking for a relationship! It’s a gold mine, girls – come and stake your claim!