For lesbians looking for a fresh, new website geared to hooking up compatible women for dating and relationships, W4WSearch is an amazing tool!



W4WSearch Review


W4WSearch is the new website geared at connecting lesbians looking for dating, relationships, and more. Since I’m technically not a lesbian, although I do love women soooo much, I decided that I would ask my three lesbian friends if any of them would be interested in doing this month long review for me.


My first friend (Paula) said she’d love to, but she’s recently become monogamous with a girlfriend. The second one I asked (Dina) jumped at the chance, and I’m still getting flack from my third friend (Eve) for not asking her first. Ah well. So, my friend Dina will be taking over from me on this review. And without further ado…here’s Dina!


Hi everyone, my name is Dina and I’ll be reviewing W4WSearch for you! I’m pretty excited about giving this site a whirl, since it’s been about four months since I’ve had a date with anyone. Prior to that I had just ended a pretty serious relationship and wasn’t really ready to get back into the dating scene quite yet. But this opportunity was just the push I needed to get back on that dating horse, and meet some new women. Plus, Justin said he’d pay for the site, which was an added bonus for me. So, I figured, why not! And knowing that Eve is going to give Justin a hard time for the next year or so is just the icing on the cake :)


First Impressions


I sat down and went to W4Wsearch, and was immediately struck with how nice the site was. When it comes to lesbians, sometimes the dating sites can get a little cheesy. But this site was very tasteful and well put together. The website takes you through a series of simple getting to know you questions right off the bat, and going through the whole series of them only took me about ten minutes. After that was done, my free membership was completed and they presented me with a page of women’s profile pics. These were the women that their system had matched for me, in terms of locality, compatibility, and so on.



Most of the time, when I have used dating sites in the past, I have found that the “system” of matching me up with other women basically just consists of choosing women in my area. With W4WSearch, on the other hand, you could tell that their system was actually choosing women whose interests and goals and personalities actually matched my own. This was a breath of fresh air, since I didn’t have to filter most of their picks out, which I had to do with other sites I’ve tried.


I sent out some basic hello emails to about thirty of the women I found attractive and interesting. As I was sending them out, there started to be responses in my inbox. I had to upgrade my account before I could access the responses, so I had to choose between two different options. Justin gave me fifty bucks to play with using the site, so here’s the choice I had to make:




Gold MembershipSilver Membership
149.99 for 1 years (12.50/month)1.95 for a 3 day trial
69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)59.95 for 3 months (19.98/month)


I chose the Gold Membership because it was only slightly more expensive than the Silver Membership and got me unlimited access to everything the site had to offer. Here are what each membership gives you:

Silver -

-email access (limitless)

-search function (limitless)

-3 Month Money Back Guarantee


-every silver membership feature

- webcam function (limitless)

- group discussion boards

-online forum


Since I have and wanted to video chat with the women I would potentially be going out with, I was glad the gold membership included the webcam feature. Plus, it was interesting to go onto the forum and discussion boards to see what other lesbians were thinking about the dating scene out there these days. A lot of them echoed my thoughts on what it’s like to be a lesbian in these times. Very enlightening reading that I was glad to participate in.




I really liked the entire process and matches that W4WSearch got me. Over the month I probably spent about forty minutes each day writing to, and responding to women that I was interested in dating. The ones that were equally interested and I would usually web chat a few times to get to know each other a little better. Plus, to be honest, it was to see if the person was actually anything like their profile and pic. Sometimes people aren’t accurate when describing themselves and use pics from high school!

I went out on at least three dates each week, and by the end of the month had eight women that I would consider to be multiple date possibilities. I don’t want to jinx anything, but there was one particular woman with whom I definitely hit it off with. I’m only speaking on behalf of myself right now, but there was a chemistry and spark between us that I haven’t felt before in my whole dating life. Very excited to see her again!




There wasn’t much I didn’t like about the site, but one thing you will have to watch out for are people on the forums and discussion boards that are really, really steadfast in their ultra-lesbian agenda. I’m proud to be who I am, and have always been so, but some of these women are definitely a little too gung-ho about the whole lesbian experience. They seem to hate men and heterosexual women, and just generally have a chip on their shoulders. Of course, you don’t have to read or respond to them, so the rest of the site is really great!


Bottom Line


I owe Justin big time for the opportunity to try out this site. I met a ton of interesting, attractive women and got to go out on a bunch of great dates. I met someone pretty special, as I mentioned earlier, and that hopefully turns into something more. I extended my membership to this site when the month ended because I’ll use this one until I meet Ms. Right!