Xpress.com - interactive menus, hot chicks galore, you can't go wrong!



Xpress.com is a fairly new adult dating site, but it looks promising. What made me join to begin with was my friend Jared’s successful hookup. I figured, if THIS guy can score women on there, then I will be swimming in chicks. Stay tuned to my blog where I interview him about his experience. In the meantime…

First Impression

It’s got a flashy, interactive homepage for users to sign up at, which is very eye catching, and a detailed profile where you can fill in as much or as little as you want. I personally think the interactive features make it a big draw for both seasoned internet users and those still new to the whole internet dating game. Realistically, no one wants a cluttered, clunky online dating website. You aren’t there to puzzle through the pages, you are there to find yourself a match, and if the site itself its user friendly, then the company will lose members and revenue, which in turn will make the current members want to leave, since they cant find any matches. So here’s a hint to any of you dating site owners out there: make it clean and easy to navigate, you will be doing yourself a favor!  And as for Xpress? Well, hopefully, the splashy intro doesn’t lead to disappointment!


After filling out the required profile, I casually browsed around, looking for any pics that caught my eye. Boy, did they ever!!


Yes Please!

The abundance of pics like these made me initially suspicious about the validity of these profiles, but after about a week of being in constant contact with a few of the women, I put my suspicions to rest; it’s just horny women, that’s all! Then I went all out and started running my game. Average conversation would last about 2 weeks until I would meet with them, and then mabye 2 dates in total. I stuck with women wanting to hook up simply because of the large number of body shots in the women’s profiles:


I can’t validate any long term relationship prospects because I wasn’t looking for one.


Free for Women, free to join, pay to upgrade.*accepts all major credit cards*

Gold membership:

$149.99 for one year (12.50/month

69.95 for 3 months (23.32/month)

1 month @ 34.95

Gold benefits:

  • Featured on all search results
  • Access to member videos and webcams
  • 100 day guarantee
  • View and contact all members
  • Instant messaging and chat


3 months @$59.95 (19.98/month)
1 month @ 29.95
3 day trial @ 1.95

Silver Benefits:

  • 100 day guarantee
  • View and contact all members
  • Instant messaging and chat



One feature I noticed on Xpress and not many others is the Site Activity box. It will populate automatically with recent activity by members, so you can see what theyve been up to and whos been online recently.


With this site, I would say you are pretty much guaranteed to get laid, which is a huge pro in my books! Especially with the detailed profile options you can fill in. The interactive signup is pretty kitschy, but in a good way. The hottie talking on the intro page is a great attention grabber.


One thing to note is that when you submit your profile photo for approval, it may take a while to get approved. Like, a day. Until you pay to upgrade your membership, you can only send out one (yes, ONE) message, which sucks when you’ve got a handful of chicks wanting your attention.

Bottom Line:

I have yet to be bombarded with these fake bot messages that I have read about on other adult dating site reviews. I feel that getting a few is to be expected when using a dating site, and you simply need to learn to weed out the real from the fake.   The site is well laid out, nothing feels too clumped together and there aren’t really any bugs or page errors that I could find. The site is for people looking for all types of relationships and hookups, as the profile is so detailed you can fill in exactly what you are looking for.  Overall, I am pretty pleased with the Xpress.com and my results. I initiated with 13 women, 10 replied, and I got to ‘meet’ 5 of them. Also, if you have time, check out their blog!

Reality: Fake profiles? Doesn’t matter, got laid (5x)


Are you a member of Xpress? Have you used it in the past? Leave us your feedback in the comments!