Be Interesting

Sex personals

\Unfortunately it’s one of those things that far too many men and women forget to do when they first begin to explore the world of sex personals: they simply forget to be interesting! They either play it too safe or they are so focused on hooking up that their singular purpose reveals them to be […]

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Overly Protective Sex

Sex is without question one of the best things about being alive. Few things bring people such joy as getting naked and banging away until they achieve orgasm. And it is something that literally everyone can do, no matter your race, age, height, weight, disability, financial background. No one is shut out from sex. Even […]

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The Old Girls Are Hot

Guys often think that looking for sex dating will relieve them of having to do all the silly dating stuff that mainstream dating usually requires. That may be true to some extent, but there are a lot of guys that aren’t finding any success in finding those great XXX sex partners that they long for. […]

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Double Standards

It’s perfectly natural for people to keep double standards especially when it comes to Sex because it’s a way of rationalizing. People rationalize especially with Sex to make things that aren’t okay, okay. For instance consider different ideas like a threesome. When you think of getting some extra pussy or cock it sounds great but […]

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What’s Your Number?

At this stage of the game, most of us have at least mastered the art of acting like an Adult whether or not we feel like grown ups most of the time. When we use the online personals sites to help us to find people to date, to begin a new romance with, or even […]

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