Worst Valentine’s Blind Date Ever.


I’ve had many, many MANY blind dates. Hell, meeting in person from an Online Dating Site is still kind of like a blind date, because you only know the persona that they have put out online. There are certain times that you should not schedule your first date, and holidays are definitely in that group. […]

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The Beginning…

picking up women

Picking up women is easy. You heard me. The ability to pick up women is not a difficult skill to master. Then why do so many men flop so spectacularly when doing it? Because it’s more than just a line, an eyebrow raise, or hand gesture. This is where most men flop when it comes […]

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New Horizons, New People


Many of us get so used to our preferred, practiced and well worn routines that the idea of doing something totally new and different can sometimes tend to send us into a bit of a tizzy. Despite the preference of many of us for sticking with the old fashioned ways of meeting people, we really […]

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Learning From Your Dating Mistakes

sex dating

Everyone has been rejected before on the Dating scene and it’s never fun. The problem many people have though is that they don’t learn from it like they should. Instead of seeing it as an opportunity to check themselves and learn from their mistakes they allow it to beat them down even more. The truth […]

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Sexual Peaking

Cougar dating

Cougar dating has become an extremely popular form of adult dating these days, and there is good reason for that. Women hit their sexual peak in their 40’s, which is much later than the men in their lives hit their sexual peak. This is a difficult and disjointed situation because most women are hitting their […]

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