MeetAtTheAirport Review


MeetAtTheAirport Review   MeetAtTheAirport is a site that is geared towards adults looking to date, whether in a potential relationship sense, or sex date for those who are horny in, at, or around the airport. It’s specifically targeted at people whose job involves a lot of air travel, obviously, and who don’t find themselves at […]

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Geek2Geek Review


Geek2Geek Review   Geek2Geek is an online dating website that focuses its matchmaking prowess on connecting nerds, geeks, gamers, trekkies, weirdos, cosplay enthusiasts, and basically anyone that enjoys anything you might find at your larger comicons. I’ve always been a huge fan of most activities and hobbies that one would associate with being a geek, […]

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AnastasiaDate Review


AnastasiaDate Review   AnastasiaDate is a dating site that I have t admit from the outset, I was dying to try. I can’t speak for all men, but personally, I find Russian women, and in particular, that Eastern European/Russian look soooo damn attractive. The soft, yet angled features. The gorgeous curves and yet thin bodies. […]

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YouMustLoveDogsDating Review


YouMustLoveDogsDating Review YouMustLoveDogsDating is the new-ish online dating site that is geared to connecting singles that are looking for new dating possibilities and possible relationships based on the most important single element of compatibility there is: whether or not you happen to enjoy animals of the canine variety. In case you missed my facetiousness there, […]

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GoFishDating Review


GoFishDating Review   GoFishDating is another in a series of “free” dating sites that I have been reviewing lately. To be honest, the reason I’ve been focusing on the free ones lately is because I’m a little light in the wallet after a particularly harsh audit by the tax man. Apparently I can’t write off half […]

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