ConnectingSingles Review


ConnectingSingles Review   ConnectingSingles is a free online dating website that I was curious about ever since I did some preliminary research on it in anticipation for my review. The trouble is, you can’t really ever go by the testimonials that are on the website itself, since obviously they’ll only use very favourable feedback on […]

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JumpDates Review


JumpDates is a free dating site that has been around for about a dozen years so I was fairly confident when I decided to give it a try over the month that I would enjoy myself. Unfortunately, it wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be. However, I should point out that any free dating […]

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BlackCelibacy Review


BlackCelibacy Review   BlackCelibacy is a site that was kind of a bitter sweet idea when I found out that it was next in the rotation for my reviews. Sweet because I’ve always found ebony women to be among the most beautiful and sexy on the planet. (For an illustration check out my BlackLoverSearch Review.) […]

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ZoomerSingles Review


ZoomerSingles Review   When I saw that ZoomerSingles was my next online dating review, I wasn’t sure what the hell a Zoomer was. I knew that a Baby Boomer was anyone born during the years 1946 – 1964, so I assumed that Zoomers were the generation before or after that. After I did a little […]

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PokerRomance Review


PokerRomance Review   I was kind of interested in trying out PokerRomance since they purported to combine two of my favourite hobbies. Namely, online poker and online dating. I have a bit of an addiction to both, although one has ended up costing me far more money that the other. Namely, all the dough I’ve […]

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